Hundred Acre Few and Far Between 2018

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RegionNapa Valley
ProduzentHundred Acre
Traubensorte(n)Cabernet Sauvignon und etwas Cabernet Franc
Trinkreife2025 – 2045
Serviertemperatur16-18 Grad Celsius
Alkoholgehalt15.5% vol

3 vorrätig

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Hundred Acre Few and Far Between 2018

Der Hundred Acre Few and Far Between ist der siebte Jahrgang der 100 Parker Punkte bekommen hat, der Few and Far Between Weinberg ist mit Abstand der kleinste von Hundred Acre, es werden pro Jahrgang nur wenige Kisten abgefüllt. Was soll man sagen über Jayson Woodbridge, den Macher von Hundred Acre? Jayson ist schlicht und ergreifend ein Verrückter! Im positivsten Sinne! Denn eines ist klar, Jayson ist wie ein Besessener in den Weinbergen unterwegs, um kontinuierlich noch bessere Weine zu produzieren. Unzählige 100 Parker Punkte Weine hat er bereits produziert. Jayson im Interview über sein neuen Few and Far Between Jahrgang:

What is the 2018 vintage like?

In my opinion it is a better wine than 2016…

How can 2018 be better than a wine that already scored 100?

Well, I think 2018 was absolute magic but by the grace of God (the year before complete destruction by fire) 2018 was like a cruel twist of beauty and supreme elegance just before a terrible tragedy…like a gift to say, “sorry for what was about to happen”.
I do not know how these small miracles happen; they just do.

Is there very much Hundred Acre – Few and Far Between wine in 2018?

Sadly, this is my very smallest vineyard so there is never close to enough and as it will be years before the 2021 vintage is released which means you won’t see it for a long time.

What is the 2018 Hundred Acre – Few and Far Between like?

You already asked me that!
The whole vintage was amazing for all of my wines, truly pure magic and as I already told you, I think the wine is wow super sexy, pure elegance and power and built like a battleship. This wine is nothing short of stunning.
I thought I conveyed this already??

Who should I serve this wine to?

Nobody, hide it away, don’t even tell your partner you bought it, build a secret wall in your cellar with a retinal scanner and several loaded shotguns and automatics to protect it, put this and all your Hundred Acre in this room and pretend you don’t have it in your cellar, “Mea Culpa,” especially if relatives show up.“

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